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Uttanasana or forward bending Yoga posture helps in stretching legs and spine. Uttanasana also cools the heart, mind, body and neck.


The term Uttanasana has been derived from three words - 'Ut, which means 'intense', 'Tan, which means to stretch and extend, and 'asana', which means posture. In short, it is yoga posture that involves intense stretching of the body muscles. One of the postures of hatha yoga, Uttanasana enjoys immense popularity in the present times, one of the reasons why so many of its variations have been evolved. In this asana, you are required to start from the Tadasana pose and then hinge forward, bending at the hips and letting the head hang. Apart from stretching the legs and spine, Uttanasana is believed to calm down the mind as well as the body.