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Bhakti Yoga or Bhakti Yoga therapy is a unique Yoga therapy which emphasizes love and devotion.

Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti Yoga, as the name suggests, is the spiritual practice of loving devotion or 'Bhakti' to the Almighty. It lays emphasis on the love and devotion of a devotee to the God. Highly religious though, Bhakti Yoga should be adopted by every human being, living in this world of infidelity and rage, because it helps one to develop a positive attitude towards life. An individual performing this Yoga concentrates on the existence of the Almighty. It develops the peace of mind of the person. With a peaceful mind, it becomes possible for the person to live contented. He/she expresses the emotion of compassion and love for the other creatures co-existing with him/her. Hence, Bhakti yoga is beneficial to lead a healthy and peaceful life.

There are no fixed ways to perform Bhakti Yoga. It varies from person to person. It involves anything that talks about God. Some may resort to religious books, religious movies that emphasize the power and existence of God. Others may simply chant the name of the Almighty and think about the God all through the day. Singing prayers is another way to practice this Yoga. Meditation also finds place in Bhakti Yoga. In order to surrender themselves to the God and thus develop a close relationship with Him, some people go on pilgrimage, which is another way to perform Bhakti yoga.

The beauty of Bhakti Yoga lies in its simplicity. There is no need to master any particular technique, which has made Bhakti yoga as one of the most appealing types of Yoga. While practicing this type of Yoga, the individual seems to do the things positively. Moreover, whatever an individual does, while practicing Bhakti Yoga, proves beneficial for him/her or the people around him/her, in the long run. When he/she resorts to Bhakti Yoga, the environment is charged with pure energy. Since, Bhakti Yoga has appealed to many people. It gives them the confidence that the Almighty will always be there to protect them, when they face any kind of adversity in life.

An important thing to consider, when a person is interested in following the path of Bhakti Yoga, is that he/she should be emotionally bonded with the object of the faith in the Almighty. In most of the cases, people suppress their emotions, which often reflect in the form of physical and mental ailments. Bhakti yoga is beneficial for them, who want to release their suppressed emotions. Moreover, Bhakti Yoga brings the purification of inner self. People practicing this type of Yoga are able to enhance the quality of their life. It banishes all the unpleasant emotions of hatred, lust, anger, greed and purifies the heart with the only thought of love and devotion to the God.