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Yoga exercise mats are, perhaps, the most important Yoga gear. This short write up highlights Yoga mats, sticky Yoga mats and Yoga mat roll.

Yoga Mat

Yoga MatPerhaps the most important requirement for practicing Yoga is the Yoga mat. Yoga mats helps one to execute all Yoga postures in comfort. The idea behind using Yoga Mats is that they form safer landing grounds and provide cushioning. Other major reason of using mat is that it provides traction for your hands and feet, which prevents you from slipping when you attempt to do a Yoga posture. Besides safety, Yoga Mat also helps to distinguish your own personal space.

Types of Yoga Mats
Yoga mats are made up of a variety of materials including closed-cell PVC, mesh, cotton, rubber, etc. They are also available in different sizes, colors and thickness. You can choose the one depending on your need & liking. Whatever type of Yoga Mat you choose, make sure that it provides the traction and support which is a must while doing yoga practice. Before buying yoga mats, you must know about the different kinds of Yoga Mats available in market. This would give you an idea that which mats would serve you best.

Ashtanga Yoga Mat
Ashtanga Yoga Mat are tightly woven Yoga Mats made of cotton. These mats are ideal for Ashtanga Yoga, Bikram Yoga, or any other sweaty Yoga practice. These mats are specially designed to absorb sweat or water, and have extra cushioning, which helps for better stability for Standing Postures as well as Sitting Postures.

Utopian Yoga Mats
Utopian Yoga Mats are perhaps the best mats for Yoga, found in market today. These mats are exclusively designed for Yoga and have all the necessary features like cushioning, durability, and stability. Compared to other ordinary yoga mats, the Utopian Yoga Mat easily disappear body impressions on its surface, restoring its actual form faster. The negative point about these mats is that they're heavier in weight and are pretty expensive than other ordinary Yoga Mats.

Other Types of Yoga Mats
Universal Yoga Mats are the most commonly used Yoga Mats. These are liked by every one from Yoga students to instructors. These mats have sticky surface and are lightly textured to give a smoother & softer feel while practicing yoga. Then there is Deluxe Yoga Mat, which is a more improved form of the Universal Yoga Mat. Travel Yoga Mats are ideal for traveling as they are light weighted, highly portable and fit easily in luggage bag.

Other Usability & Care
Yoga Mats can be used for other purposes as well. Such as, whenever you meditate or when you want to take sun bath in your garden, these mats will help you relax on them. These yoga mats can be cleaned by using warm water and grease cutting soaps. They can be dried out in air or sun. Yoga mats should be washed before initial use. Thereafter they can be washed whenever required, depending on their use.