This short write up on yoga and personal values contains information on personal life values and Yoga.

Yoga & Personal Values

Yoga & Personal ValuesWith an ever-increasing cut throat competition in the present times, personal values seem to be inexistent. People are so engrossed in attaining material success that they fail to realize the host of inappropriate values and principles that have made home in both the mind and heart. Right from frustration, to persecution, to insecurity, we all seem to nurture a variety of ills in our day-to-day living. Thinking bad about a person, wishing evil for someone or even doing something wrong are activities everyone indulges in, at one point of time in their life or the other. When we witness such situation, the first question that comes to mind is - where are the personal values of a person?

Personal Values
Personal values are those values, which an individual develops and lives by all through his/her life. They define the character of the person and develop his/her personality. Remember, your personality is the way people see you. However, coming back to the present scenario, it seems like no one today is bothered about how they conduct themselves or what do they live by? Changing one's lifestyle is the best way to deal with the situation and the one of the preeminent ways to achieve it would be to introduce Yoga in out day to day lives. The benefits of yoga, in terms of renewing our personal values, have been proven time and again.

Benefits Of Yoga
Yoga plays a vital role in reviving the true spirit of living. It helps in developing and attaining personal values, by reducing a variety of mental ills. Yoga enhances the personal values in individuals by avoiding the element of fear from our lives. It is our constant fear, some valid while others purely imaginary, that makes us succumbs to the wrong side. However, by practicing yoga on a daily basis, we gain a control of our mind, which results in control of the thoughts and the actions as well. Yoga controls the emotional aspect of a person, with the help of mental exercises, thus helping an individual achieve Santosh or contentment.

The other aspect of Yoga is that it makes an individual accept faith in life. It effectively replaces pessimism and the varieties such as cynicism and suspicion with an appreciation of life. Through Yoga, a person achieves a willingness to be at peace with himself and the world, and thus attains poise, serenity, contentment, patience and assurance. However, one should understand that Yoga is a continuing process and a life long thing, not just something you do for a while and stop. It would help a person gain an agile life and not just momentary mental agility. Remember, values are like lighthouse - you can either use it to guide you, or go against it and allow yourself to be smashed by the rocks!!